That Which Maddens and Torments is a work of fiction. However, the book’s unsettling portrayal of how science, money and politics intersect around the issue of global warming is all too real.

The book – a thriller – pits Josephine Black, a young, passionate journalist writing about climate change for a top New York City newspaper against climate change skeptics, aka deniers, who are funded by the fossil fuel industry, and a ruthless Congressional staffer. Jo’s hard hitting reporting has more than ruffled the feathers of the industry’s leaders, who fear that her articles about global warming will create a call for action and threaten their profits eventually. As a result, those leaders will stop at nothing – even murder – to silence Jo and to ensure that a scientific report that proves the truth of global warming never comes to light.

Explains author Christopher Keating, “I wrote That Which Maddens and Torments not only to entertain readers, but also to educate them about the high stakes games being played with the health of our planet in Washington. I think it’s important for people to understand that every year, the fossil fuel industry funds the climate change denial lobby with millions of dollars in order to influence public policy and protect their profits.”

A retired Naval Intelligence Officer and Physics Professor now living in the Texas Hill Country, Chris has devoted himself in recent years to global warming research and writing. For more information about him, go to the Meet the Author page.